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Foundatin slide show
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The world is 70% ocean, 30% landmass. Like our bodies it lives in equilibrium. We are waking up to the fact that the consequence of industrialisation is rocking the boat.

The ocean is the world’s dump yard. This has devastating effects on the smallest polyp to the largest blue whale, to fishing, navigation and human health.

We all have a choice at every level, whether rich or poor, to take responsibility for our oceans which we depend upon. However large or small, wherever we are, we can…......

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A step on from Ocean Sole (The Recycled Flipflop Company), the foundation aims to connect you to the sea, our waste and our responsibility.

ocean sole foundation
our oceans are our dump yards
Waste from rivers whether they are in cities or mountains generally ends up in the sea.
Currents take waste from one continent to another spoiling beaches and killing marine life.
our oceans give us:
our weather
our fisheries
our habitats

- mangroves
-seagrass beds
-coral reefs
our leisure
our marine species
rise to action

recycle reduce reuse

The Ocean Sole Foundation works with communities, scientists, conservationists, artists, governments, industries and other not-for-profit organisations that are raising awareness and actively involved in marine conservation. We support actions that recycle, reduce and reuse marine and waterway debris.


The Ocean Sole Foundation continues to inspire people to recycle their waste in creative ways just as we have done with our recycled flipflop products. This is achieved by transforming the debris collected from beach clean-ups into works of art. The clean ups and animal sculptures connect the community to their marine wildlife, new skills are learnt and the sculpture remains as an attractive reminder of innovation, creativity and recycling.


Through the Ocean Sole Foundation’s efforts to recycle, innovate and educate, coastal communities learn about their marine ecosystems, species and biodiversity, what these bring to them and how they can be better managed for a sustainable future.

By informing everyone about their marine environment and inspiring people with innovative ways to recycle and use waste, we empower individuals to take responsibility for their lives and the environments in which they live.


Education drives change and we aim to reach and teach as many people as we can to help care for our oceans and marine environment. We can arrange talks, tours, clean-up projects, school visits, playgroups, workshops and more.

our projects

don't stand still

rise to action
and help us clean our oceans:

1. Buy our Ocean Sole recycled flipflop products.

5% of our profit goes to the foundation.

2. Commision our Ocean Sole "Giants".

25% of our profit goes to the foundation.

3. Sponsor our foundation projects directly.

To find our about our latest project please go to: current project coming soon

4. Do it yourself. Recycle, reduce, reuse.

Every little helps, however humble it may look, together it makes a big difference.
Ocean Sole puts 10% of its production cost into the foundation.