In 2006 working in collaboration with the World Society of Protection of Animas (WSPA), the world Coastal and Marine Secretariat (NEPAD COSMAR), scrap metal sculpture Kioko Mutiki and coastal communities we created a a full size Minke whale from flipflops and wire mesh.

We called him “Mfalme”, Swahili for “famous”

Displayed in Haller Park in Mombasa Mfalme is visited by more than 1000 children a week

Mfalme was made to

- Make the world more aware of marine pollution and its effects on species, habitats and ecosystems

- Generate greater understanding of whaling and its impact on whales and their habitat around the world

- Highlight the creativity and resourcefulness of coastal communities and their efforts to improve their lives through other peoples waste

- Showcase an innovative solution to cleaning up the world’s oceans

Ocean Sole puts 10% of its production cost into the foundation.